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Your Guide to Cancer and Laparoscopy Information

Penis cancer

Penis Cancer Service

Cancer of the penis is cancer that starts in the penis


Obstetrics and gynecology includes womens reproductive health and pre-natal care, labor and post natal care.

  • The exact cause is unknown.
  • Smegma a substance found under the foreskin of the penis may increase the risk of penis cancer.
  • Men with a history of genital warts or human papillomavirus (HPV) are at higher risk for this rare disorder.
  • Genital lesions on the penis
  • Painless sore on penis
  • Penis pain and bleeding from the penis

A biopsy of the growth.

  • Treatment depends on the location of the tumor and how much it has spread.
  • In general, cancer treatment includes:

    • Chemotherapy -- uses medicines to kill cancer cells
    • Radiation -- using high powered x-rays to kill cancer cells
    • Surgery - cuts out and removes the cancer
  • Partial penectomy – Some part of penis removed.
  • Total penectomy- whole of the penis removed and new urethral opening made.
  • Chemotherapy may be used along with surgery
  • Radiation therapy is often recommended in combination with surgery
 Possible Complications

Cancer of the penis frequently spreads to other parts of the body (metastasizes) early in the course of the disease.

 When to Contact us

If symptoms of penis cancer develop.

  • Circumcision may decrease the risk.
  • Cleaning beneath the foreskin as part of personal hygiene.
  • Limiting the number of sexual partners, and use of condoms to prevent HPV infection, may decrease the risk of developing penile cancer.
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